Values & Vision

"we exist to be a loving community who welcomes
others to learn from & follow Jesus together"

OUR Values

R E A C H I N G  O U T

We understand that each of us (Individual),
and all of us (Together) have good news to
share. We desire to speak the truth in love,
taking this message of hope to as many people as we can

B I B L I C A L  T R U T H
We take God's Word seriously.

The Bible is our ultimate standard for life & godliness. We seek to understand & apply the Bible literally (in light of the historical, grammatical, linguistic features, & in light of the Authors' intended purpose).  This is a growing pursuit, with a goal of loving God & loving others in every aspect of our lives. In other words, our desire to know truth goes hand in hand with our desire to effectively love with this truth.

G R O W I N G  D E E P

We desire to live in devoted relationship with
Jesus, and with one another. Spiritual growth
includes: Being rooted...built up...established
in your faith... & overflowing with gratitude.

S E R V I N G  O T H E R S

God has set us free from our sins, we know
that God calls us to use this freedom as an
opportunity to serve others in a loving & selfless way.

The vision

Our vision is to create a community of authentic believers who love God, and love one another, and then on this basis to help others learn from & follow Jesus with us.

The mission

Every man, woman, & child who knows Jesus has a role to play in communicating the gospel message, and welcoming others to learn from & follow Jesus in devoted relationship with us. We seek to "Carry out the Great Commission, motivated by The Greatest Commandment."

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