Pastors, overseers & leaders

Phil Shearer


Phil Shearer has been at NSBC since 2015, and has served as the Pastor of North Shore Bible Church since January of 2020. He also serves on the team of overseers.

Jack brown

Pastor of NSBC Danvers 

Jack Brown serves is leading the charge in gathering a core of believers to establish a new Church in Danvers, MA. He also serves on the team of overseers


Overseers are leaders of the church. They are also referred to in the Bible as Elders. They care for the flock & are charged with the task of oversight within the church. 

Other Leaders

Life Group Leaders & other ministry Leaders

We believe in a team approach. The church is not a corporation. The church is a team of people who work together as a family. Cooperation of everyone is vital to our existence as a church, and these individuals lead the charge in this beautiful joint-venture called North Shore Bible Church.